COVID-19 Pandemic-Victorian Lockdowns-Timeline and Key Dates

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Sitting here in Lockdown again in Regional Victoria Australia we though we might just compile a short synopsis of the Lockdowns we have had to endure over the past year and a half in Victoria and Regional Victoria..Its has been a trying period for all involved and absolutely devastating for all business and the just the whole economy and the just the health and wellbeing of all the millions of residents of the state of Victoria.Through the camera lens I covered a lot of the early stages of the lock downs in Melbourne CBD and other events relating to the pandemic which I have included with the following article which just gives you a brief description and timeline with key dates and events during our lock down periods..

COVID-19 became real and hit home for me when I standing in a Photographers Pit on turn 2 at Albert Park on 10am on the 13th March waiting for Practice One for the Supercars followed later by free practice one for the Formula One and the news filtered through that the GP was cancelled..

Pic-Albert Park, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 13th Mar, 2020. FIA Formula One World Championship 2020 - Formula One Rolex Australian Grand Prix - Press Conference to formally announce the cancelation of the Australian GP - Australian Grand Prix Corporation CEO, Andrew Westacott (center) with Formula 1 senior management personnel addressing the Large Media Gallery - Image Credit: Brett Keating

Lockdown One - 2020 ( Australia  Wide )

Australian borders were closed to all non-residents on 20 March, and returning residents were required to spend two weeks in supervised quarantine hotels from 27 March.Many individual states and territories also closed their borders to varying degrees, with some remaining closed until late 2020, and continuing to periodically close during localised outbreaks.Social distancing rules were imposed on 21 March, and state governments started to close “non-essential” services. “Non-essential services” included social gathering venues such as pubs and clubs but unlike many other countries did not include most business operations such as construction, manufacturing and many retail categories.The number of new cases initially grew sharply, then levelled out at about 350 per day around 22 March, and started falling at the beginning of April to under 20 cases per day by the end of the month.
A second wave of infections emerged in Victoria during May and June 2020, which was attributed to an outbreak at a Melbourne quarantine hotel. The second wave, though largely localised to Melbourne, was much more widespread and deadlier than the first; at its peak, the state had over 7,000 active cases.Victoria underwent a second strict lockdown which eventually lasted almost four months.

March 10 2020-  Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews warned Victorians to expect “extreme measures” in the wake of the federal government updating the travel advice for Italy. These could include cancelling major sporting events, requiring entire economic sectors to work from home, and calling recently retired health professionals to return to work.

April 14 - Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos announced that Victoria would have the widest coronavirus testing in Australia, with anyone having COVID-19 symptoms able to get tested.The statement was issued that those who presented with fever or chills, in the absence of any other alternative diagnosis that explained the issue, or acute respiratory infection characterised by coughing, sore throat or shortness of breath should be tested for coronavirus.

Key Dates -

March 14 - 13 new cases, Victoria’s first day of a double-digit increase

March 16 - A state of emergency was declared on 16 March, which was extended on 12 April, with existing directions remaining in place including staying at home, restrictions on particular activities, detention, restrictions on airports and cruise ships, aged care, hospitals and isolation for people diagnosed with COVID-19.It was extended further on 11 May.On 22 March, the school holiday was brought forward from 27 to 24 March.

Read the Premier Dan Andrews Statement on the State of Emergency
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March 26 - First coronavirus deaths in Victoria, with three in 24 hours
March 27 - National cabinet announces returned overseas travellers must complete 14 days of hotel quarantine. Victoria decides to use private security guards in its program

March 28 - Peak of Victoria’s first wave, with 111 new cases
May 31 - Victoria’s state of emergency extended for three weeks ahead of stage-three restrictions easing the next day. Four new cases, 74 active cases
June 6 2020- No new cases for the first time since March 5. A Black Lives Matter rally draws thousands of protesters to the Melbourne CBD

PIC - MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 06: Protesters march in Bourke Street on June 06, 2020 in Melbourne, Australia. Events across Australia have been organised in solidarity with protests in the United States following the killing of an unarmed black man George Floyd at the hands of a police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota and to rally against aboriginal deaths in custody in Australia. Image Brett Keating

June 14-2020 - Further easing of restrictions announced for June 21-Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has confirmed the state will further ease coronavirus restrictions on June 22, allowing cinemas and theatres to reopen and boosting customer capacity for hospitality venues.Under the changes, the number of people allowed inside enclosed spaces at cafes, restaurants, pubs, cinemas, concert venues, theatres, libraries and community centres and halls will rise from 20 to 50.But the venues will remain subject to a density requirement of one customer per 4 square metres, meaning entry will need to be carefully restricted by businesses and some will be unable to reach the 50-person cap in place.

June 17 - While discussing border restrictions with South Australia, Premier Daniel Andrew sparks a cross-border spat by asking “Why would you want to go there?”. The comment comes after confirmation of 21 new coronavirus cases - Victoria’s highest increase in more than a month.

June 20 -  the Victorian Government re-tightened restrictions on household gatherings following a spike in community transmitted cases over the previous week, reported to be mainly caused by family-to-family transmission in large household gatherings. From 22 June, households could once again only have five visitors; and most easing of restrictions that were to take place were postponed.
June 25 - Cases continue to rise, a testing blitz is announced and the defence force called in, but the number of personnel becomes a point of confusion.
June 26 - Concerns grow about Melbourne’s hotel quarantine program for returning international travellers. It’s revealed 30 per cent of them are refusing tests.
June 29 - Hot spot suburbs in Melbourne’s north and northwest return to lockdown and all international flights into the city are put on hold
June 30 -  the Victorian Government re-enforced local lockdowns across 10 different Melbourne postcodes. Residents there would need to comply with the four acceptable reasons to leave their houses: shopping for essentials; for medical or compassionate needs; exercise in compliance with the public gathering restriction of two people; and for work or education purposes.

July 02-  the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced the “Judicial Inquiry into Hotel Quarantine Program”. This followed some cases of coronavirus in Victoria being linked by DNA sequencing to a breach in hotel quarantine infection control. The Inquiry was to “… examine the operation of Victoria’s hotel quarantine program for returning travellers.” It was headed by retired judge Jennifer Coate, and was scheduled to deliver its report to the Governor by 25 September.The inquiry was delayed by lockdown restrictions.Andrews noted that “it is abundantly clear that what has gone on here is completely unacceptable and we need to know exactly what has happened.”An interim report was published on 6 November,and the inquirys final report was published on 21 December.The Government response to the interim report was published in November.July 4 - A full lockdown is announced at short notice for nine Melbourne public housing towers, described as “vertical cruise ships”, as Victoria records 108 new cases - its first day above 100 since late March.

July 04 -  the Victorian Government announced two more postcodes affected by the lockdown until 29 July 2020.Nine public housing towers housing 3,000 residents were also added, with the additional condition that residents could not leave the tower under any circumstances for five days, with the possibility of an extension to 14 days.The Victorian ombudsman later found the lockdown of the public housing towers breached human rights laws.

Pic-Police Patrol the CBD Streets during the Second lock-down.


Lockdown Two - ( Victoria )
Began July 08 2020 ( 111 Days )


Graph of Daily Victorian cases during the second lockdown..peak of 725 cases on 5 August 2020 and 723 cases on 30 July 2020.

View the Complete daily Cases and Stats for Lockdown 2 in Victoria

On 6 July, the Victorian and NSW state Governments announced that their interstate border would be re-closed from the start of 8 July.

On 7 July, after recording 191 new cases, Premier Andrews announced that metropolitan Melbourne and the Shire of Mitchell would re-enter lockdown from 12 am on 9 July, for 6 weeks.
View the Table of Restrictions Metro Melbourne & Mitchell Shire PDF

July 09 2020 - Melbourne's five million residents will be barred from leaving home for six weeks, except for essential reasons and police erect the RING OF STEEL to seperate greater Melbourne from regional Victorian communities.

 On 19 July, following a “concerning increase in coronavirus cases”, Premier Andrews announced that “face coverings” were to be made mandatory in metropolitan Melbourne, and Mitchell Shire. This was not enforced until after 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday 22 July to allow the populace time to acquire a face covering.In addition, the state of emergency was extended until 16 August 2020.

On July 20 - Hotel quarantine inquiry begins.

On July 20 - Australian Lamb company in Colac has one of the worst outbreaks in regional Victoria as the cluster will grow to over 83 workers testing positive to COVID-19.

Pic - COVID-19 Frontline Medical testing staff are seen at a pop-up site at Colac Area Health. Victoria has recorded 374 new cases overnight with 3 further deaths, health workers are busy at the Colac drive through testing facility in Regional Victoria.21 Jul 2020-Image Brett Keating

From 22 July, as the chance of coronavirus infection remained high in aged care and health care settings, visits were restricted to carers only, and with a limit of one hour per day.

From 23 July, “face coverings” in metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire became mandatory whenever residents leave their homes. A fine of A$200 was imposed to those not complying, though medical and other exemptions were allowed, such as not being required for children under 12 years of age.

On 02 August 2020 -  Victoria records 671 cases and seven deaths a state of disaster was declared and metropolitan Melbourne was moved to Stage 4 restrictions. A curfew across Melbourne from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. was imposed, a 5 km (3.1 mi) radius restriction as added, and other restrictions that had previously been applied only to selected postcodes were applied to the whole of metropolitan Melbourne. A permit system was introduced for any residents that still needed to travel to work outside of their 5 km radius.
View the Premier Dan Andrews Statement
View the Permitted industries Stage Four PDF
View the Table of Restrictions PDF

On Aug 5 - Peak of 725 new cases.

On Aug 11 - Peak of 7880 active Victorian cases

On 6 September (Father’s Day), the “Roadmap for Reopening” was announced; a series of four steps towards “COVID Normal” which would begin on 13 September. In the “First Step”, which applied to metropolitan Victoria, several restrictions were eased including a reduction of the curfew, some loosening of rules around outdoor exercise and social interactions, the introduction of a “bubble” that allowed single people living alone to nominate one person to be allowed to visit them during the first two steps, and increased limits for weddings, funerals and religious gatherings. At the same time, it was announced that regional Victoria would move to the “Second Step”, which included a staged return of students to onsite learning as well as the reopening of outdoor public pools and further increases to limits for weddings, funerals and religious gatherings. 
Victorian RoadMap PDF

On Sept 25 - Mr Andrews appears before the inquiry, apologises to Victorians

On Sept 26 - Health Minister Jenny Mikakos resigns.

On Oct 1- Victorian death toll reaches 800

On Oct 5 - Victorian school students start returning to the classroom

On Oct 12 - Top Victorian government bureaucrat Chris Eccles resigns

On 18 October, regional Victoria was moved to “Step Three”, which included the reopening of most businesses to the public, increased seating for hospitality, the allowance of visitors for all residents and the resumption of some indoor sports. At the same time, the 5 km limit in metropolitan Victoria was increased to 25 km and the two-hour time limit was removed, however the border between metropolitan and regional Victoria (often referred to as the “ring of steel”) was strengthened with extra checkpoints added. 
Second Step Restrictions for Greater Melbourne PDF

On 26 October, First clean slate of no new cases, no deaths since June 9. Mr Andrews is emotional as he announces the end of Melbourne’s lockdown, with hospitality venues and retail reopening.
metropolitan restrictions were eased, with residents allowed to leave home for any reason, all retail businesses allowed to reopen, hospitality venues allowed to seat patrons, further relaxations on outdoor gatherings, and allowance of visitors to all residents, with some caveats. The 25 km restriction and “Ring of steel” remained in place, however. With a length of 111 days, Victoria’s second lockdown was the longest continuous lockdown world-wide.

Third Step Summary Restrictions PDF

On 8 November, metropolitan restrictions were brought into line with regional restrictions with travel now being allowed to and from anywhere in the state. Indoor recreation, community and entertainment venues were also reopened. Restrictions on accommodation were also loosened in an effort to encourage intrastate tourism. It was also announced that, subject to public health advice, Victoria would move to the “Last Step” on 22 November.
Last Step Summary PDF 

On Nov 9 - Melbourne’s “ring of steel” and the 25km travel limit end

On Nov 12 - DHHS Secretary Kym Peake steps down

On Nov 13 - SA to reopen Victorian border on Dec 1

On Nov 23 - NSW reopens Victorian border, further easing of restrictions, including masks no longer mandatory outdoors

On Nov 24 - No active cases in Victoria for the first time since Feb 29

On 27 November, Victoria recorded its 28th consecutive day of 0 new cases and 0 deaths, and had 0 active cases, epidemiologically eliminating the virus.
ParlimentVictoria-Question-time-8ParlimentVictoria-Question-time-8Parliament of Victoria Question Time - Dan Andrews. PIC - MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 10: Premier Daniel Andrews speaks during Question Time of the Victorian Legislative Assembly on 10 November, 2020 in Melbourne, Australia. COVID-19 restrictions have eased further across Victoria, with the metro-regional border and 25km travel limit from home no longer in force.Image Credit: Brett Keating

Resumption of hotel quarantine

On 30 November, the Victorian government announced that a new dedicated agency, “COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria” (CQV), had been created. The interim Commissioner of CQV is the Commissioner of Corrections, Emma Cassar. CQV is part of the government’s response to the COVID-19 Hotel Quarantine Enquirys’ interim report. It will oversee all parts of the Victorian quarantine program: mandatory quarantine for people entering Australia, Health Hotels for positive and suspected cases, or close contacts, and Frontline Worker Accommodation. The CQV Commissioner will be supported by three Deputy State Controllers. Deputy Chief Health Officer Professor Ben Cowie will lead the CQVs’ health management. Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Ross Guenther will provide expertise in enforcement.As of 15 January 2021 the third Controller was still to be appointed. On 5 May 2021, the CQV general manager of infection control, Matius Bush, was stood down by the Minister for Government Services Danny Pearson pending a conduct review. Bush breached infection controls twice by: refusing a COVID test at a quarantine hotel when requested by Defence personnel; and failing to sanitise or change his mask when returning to a quarantine hotel from a coffee shop. Reports about the breaches were leaked and published in The Australian newspaper.

On 17 December, the Victorian ombudsman tabled a report in the Victorian Parliament in which she found the 4 July lockdown of public housing towers In Melbourne breached human rights laws.

On 30 December, Victoria’s 61-day streak of zero community cases came to an end as three community cases were identified, linked to the New South Wales outbreak. As a precautionary measure for New Year’s Eve the Victorian Government reduced household gatherings from 30 people to 15 and mandated masks within an indoor setting. The border to New South Wales closed at 11:59 pm on 31 December, with returning Victorian residents from “green zones” that returned before the deadline made to isolate until they received a negative test result. Those that returned afterwards would have to get tested and isolate for 14 days, aligning the restrictions with visitors from the Northern Beaches and Greater Sydney that had been enforced 11 days prior.

On 3 February 2021, a quarantine hotel worker at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne, a “resident support officer” involved in the Australian Open tennis quarantine program, was found to have COVID-19. From 11:59 pm Victoria immediately reintroduced some rules, tightened some, and put off imminent easing of some restrictions. The plan to, from 8 February (Monday), allow up to 75 per cent of office workers back into their workplaces was put on hold. Masks are mandatory inside, and only 15 persons are allowed at private events. The man visited at least 14 businesses from 29 January to 1 February, but was able to give contact tracers a detailed list of places and times. Anyone who was at those places at those times, must be tested, and isolate for 14 days. Testing site hours were extended from 4 February, opening at 8 am. More drive-through lanes were added, and additional testing sites opened.By 5 February, genomic sequencing confirmed that the Hyatt worker was infected with the more contagious “UK strain” of COVID-19.

Australian_Open_Tennis_Players_In_Melbourne_ Quarantine-026Australian_Open_Tennis_Players_In_Melbourne_ Quarantine-026MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 21: A tennis player is seen leaving the Pullman Hotel for their training session on January 21, 2021 in Melbourne, Australia. Tennis players and support are currently in 14 days of quarantine after arriving in Melbourne on International flights, ahead of the 2021 Australian Open

PIC - MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 21: A General View of the Grand Hyatt as Victoria Police Gaurd the entrance on January 21, 2021 in Melbourne, Australia. Tennis players and support are currently in 14 days of quarantine after arriving in Melbourne on International flights, ahead of the 2021 Australian Open

Lockdown Three - ( Victoria )
Began Feb 12 2021 ( 5 Days )
7 Day Circuit Breaker Restrictions PDF


On 12 February, it was announced that a five-day lockdown under Stage 4 restrictions would take effect beginning at 11:59 pm. AEDT, due to a cluster of 13 cases tied to a Holiday Inn quarantine hotel near Melbourne Airport, which have been assumed to be the UK variant. It was alleged by health officials to have been spread on a hotel floor due to a patient’s use of an aerosol-generating nebuliser, which is normally banned under hotel quarantine.By 14 February the cluster had grown to 16,and by 16 February, the number of confirmed infections had increased to 19.By 19 February, the Melbourne Holiday Inn outbreak had increased to 22, one person was admitted to intensive care, and about 3,515 contacts were quarantined.

Residents may not leave their homes except for essential shopping, exercise, caregiving, essential work, or participating in a professional sporting event. Residents may only shop or exercise within five kilometres of their homes. Face masks are mandatory at all times out-of-home, all public gatherings are banned, and all schools are closed. As they account for the majority of UK variant cases, international arrivals into Victoria were also suspended.All Australian states and territories have placed travel restrictions upon Victoria.Premier Andrews stated that these infections were “moving at a velocity that has not been seen anywhere in our country over the course of these last 12 months.” Special dispensation was given to the 2021 Australian Open, which became crowdless effective 11:30 pm. AEDT on 12 February in the midst of the night’s final match (play was temporarily suspended at that time to remove all spectators from the court).

The lockdown was lifted as anticipated at 11:59 pm on 17 February.Despite this, Victoria will not allow any incoming international flights “indefinitely”.

Remaining restrictions included:
-Masks mandatory inside,
-Masks outdoors when unable to keep social distance,
-5 person limit on home visits,
-20 person limit for outdoor gatherings.

As of 9 May 2021 Victoria had no cases of community transmission for 72 days.

On 24 May in northern Melbourne, 4 cases of COVID-19 in the community were reported; this broke Victoria’s streak of 86 days with no community transmission. Another 5 community cases, for a total of 9, were reported on 25 May. 4 of them were family contacts of a man, who may be the source of the outbreak, who tested positive on 2 May. As a result, restrictions in Greater Melbourne were again tightened from 6pm on Tuesday, 25 May, to at least Friday, 4
Began May 27 2021 
7 Day Circuit Breaker Restrictions PDF


By 27 May the Melbourne outbreak had risen to 26 cases. There were over 150 exposure sites and 11,000 contacts had been linked through contact tracing to the outbreak.As a result of the growing outbreak Victoria entered its fourth lockdown, statewide, as of 11:59pm on 27 May. The restrictions were initially planned to last for at least 7 days until 11:59pm on 3 June.By 1 June the number of cases in the Victorian outbreak had reached 60 and on 2 June the lockdown was extended for another 7 days.By June 7 there were 81 active COVID cases in the outbreak.The lockdown ended, with some restrictions remaining, just before midnight on 10 June.

Due to the outbreak, all Australian states imposed a range of restrictions on travellers from Victoria, either banning entry, only allowing state residents back in, requiring home isolation for 7 days under Victorias’ rules, 14 days hotel quarantine, or other measures. New Zealand paused the travel bubble with Victoria from 7:59pm on 25 May.

The fourth lockdown meant that a number of other interstate professional sporting matches that were due that week had to either be played in empty stadiums, or relocated to alternative venues. 

After the number of cases in the Victorian outbreak had reached 60 by 1 June, on 2 June the lockdown was extended for another 7 days. Some restrictions were eased: 

The 5 km travel limit was extended to 10 km,
School attendance allowed for years 11 and 12,
Authorised work now includes some outdoors work.
Use of the Service Victoria QR code check-in is required across Victoria for places like supermarkets and shops.
The Victorian outbreak rose to 63 cases by 3 June, all in Greater Melbourne. As a result, from 11:59 pm that day some lockdown restrictions in regional Victoria were eased:
Movement in regional areas was unrestricted (to Melbourne is still restricted)
Students could return to school.

There were 81 active COVID cases in the outbreak by June 7.There were also 3 separate clusters with unknown sources in Victoria by then: 32 cases in Whittlesea; 9 at the Arcare aged care centre in Maidstone; and 14 at a cluster in West Melbourne. The West Melbourne cluster was found to be of the fast spreading Delta COVID variant, raising the possibility the fourth Victorian lockdown could be extended again.

The lockdown ended on 10 June at 11:59 pm, with some restrictions remaining:
-No visitors in the home
-Must wear a mask both indoors and outdoors
-Travel limited to 25 km (16 mi) radius of home.

June 09 2021 - FedEx flight FX 77 June 9 from Honolulu arrives in Sydney …an unvaccinated limo driver collects the flight crew and becomes infected..and starts the Sydney COVID-19 delta strain infections in Sydney and Australia.

June 17 2021 -Further easing of Restrictions for Both Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria.
View the Table of Restrictions PDF

June 24 2021 -Further easing of Restrictions for Both Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria was announced by victorian acting premier James Merlino.
Read the Table of Restrictions PDF 

June 27 2021- as the outbreaks increase within NSW , the Northern Territory,Queensland and Western Australia Victoria has increased its border restrictions.

NSW-The border is closed to NSW and NT red zones: Greater Sydney, including Central Coast, Shellharbour, Blue Mountains & Wollongong, and Greater Darwin. Regional NSW, ACT, Greater Brisbane, and Perth & Peel in WA are “orange”: Arrivals must isolate until testing negative. All travellers need a permit.

NZ- From 11.59pm on Friday 26 February, travellers to Victoria from New Zealand must apply for a Victorian Travel Permit.  The Victorian traffic light system allows areas across New Zealand to be designated as green, orange or red zones according to their risk.

SA- The border is closed to all but Essential Travellers from NSW, QLD, WA, NT and ACT. All VIC arrivals must isolate until returning a negative test, with travel banned for anyone who has been at a Tier One or Two exposure site. Cross Border Travel Registration is mandatory for all travellers.

Queensland-The border is closed to Greater Sydney, Central Coast, Blue Mountains, Wollongong & Shellharbour. Anyone already in QLD who was in NSW’s lockdown zone since June 21 must isolate. There are also rules for other interstate exposure sites. Travel or border declarations are needed for all arrivals.
June 26 2021 - NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian places Greater Sydney into a two week lockdown as a cluster of cases of the highly infectious coronavirus Delta variant rose to 110.

June 28 2021 - NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced 18 new infections overnight bringing the states total for the current outbreak to 130 confirmed cases
June 28 2021 - Premier Dan Andrews returns to work.
June 28 2021-WA Premier Mark McGowan has announced a four-day lockdown for people in Perth and the Peel region, while the Northern Territory has announced a 72-hour lockdown for Darwin and South Australia has introduced new restrictions for at least one week.
June 29 2021 - Prime Minister Scott Morrison announces that the astrazeneca vaccine will be made available to everyone over 18 years via a GP.
June 29 2021 - Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announces a lockdown from today for parts of the the south-east, Townsville, Magnetic Island and Palm Island after an unvaccinated hospital concierge carrying the Delta strain travelled through the state while infectious.
July 08 2021- Premier Dan Andrews announces that 
Restrictions ease further in greater Melbourne to co-aline with regional Victoria. 
View the Easing of Restrictions PDF
July 11 2021- Premier Dan Andrews / Victoria places a hard border with all of NSW and the ACT after cases spiral out of control in NSW.
July 12 2021- Victoria has recorded one new COVID-19 case in addition to two others,The three positive cases are all members of the same family from Craigieburn, in the City of Hume and An apartment block at Maribyrnong has been locked down after being visited by two infectious movers from NSW.
July 13 2021 - NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced 89 new infections overnight bringing the states total for the current outbreak to 767 confirmed cases
July 14 2021 - NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced a two week extension to the lockdown with NSW recording 97 new cases overnight of Covid-19 with 24 people still infectious while in the community and with 71 people in Hospital and 20 people in ICU.

July 14 2021- Victoria has recorded seven additional locally-acquired coronavirus cases.Four of the new cases are residents on the third floor of the Ariele Apartments in Maribyrnong, which has been in lockdown since Monday evening.The cases were not included in the original morning release, but were announced later by testing commander Jeroen Weimar.He said the tests had all been returned "in a matter of hours" on Wednesday morning.Initially, there had been just one new case confirmed overnight - a close contact of a previously identified case.Among the seven new cases is a man in his 60s who subsequently infected his parents, who are aged in their 80s and live in Craigieburn.The man attended an AFL match between Carlton and Geelong on Saturday and was seated in level two of the MCC section of the Melbourne Cricket Ground.He also visited Highpoint shopping centre.

July 15 2021 - Prime Minister Scott Morrison will propose a new and streamlined system of coronavirus relief to state and territory leaders that would see people receive payments from the second week of a lockdown.Under the new arrangements, the payments would start when a lockdown goes into a second week but would also be backdated to cover the first week.People who have lost more than 20 hours of work each week because of a lockdown will get a $600 weekly payment and those who have lost less than 20 hours of work receive $375. There will be no liquid assets test applied.After 14 days of lockdown, business support in line with that announced earlier in the week would also kick in, with payments of between $1500 and $10,000 on offer.
Mr Morrison will ask national cabinet to agree to this new plan when it meets on Friday.
More than 50,000 applications for federal coronavirus disaster support have been denied or are being processed under the scheme as it stands as a result of rapidly shifting rules.It was initially set at a rate of $500 a week for people who had lost more than 20 hours of work a week and $325 a week for those who had lost fewer than 20 hours, but the rates were upgraded to $600 and $375 respectively on Wednesday.

Lockdown 5
( it will be the fifth lockdown for Victoria since the start of the pandemic and the third in 2021 )

View the Table of Restrictions PDF

Lockdown 5 - Victoria - 15 July 2021 - ( Proposed 20 July 2021?? )  ended 27 July 2021 at 11.59pm.
Premier Dan Andrews held a press conference late on Thursday 15 July 2021 to announce a 5 day snap lockdown from midnight on 15 July to midnight 20 July in an effort to contain the growing outbreak of the COVID-19 Delta variant in the state.
On Thursday, Testing Commander Jeroen Weimar said there had been two new local cases since the 10 cases were reported in the official figures.A 60-year-old Melbourne Cricket Club member from the locked down apartment building tested positive after going to the Carlton v Geelong match at the weekend.He attended with a friend, a man aged in his 50s, and they spent the day together on Saturday July 10.That man lives in Barwon Heads and there are now two positive cases in his household, which are a nine-year-old child and another man in his 60s.

July 17 2021- ( Day two) of the current outbreak Victoria records 19 new cases of COVID-19. 
July 18 2021 - ( Day Three ) Premier Dan Andrews announces 16 new cases overnight with more that 30 Tier one exposure sites ( and still growing) and more than 217 exposure sites with over 14000 people currently in isolation..53283 Victorians got tested for COVID-19 in the 24 hours.
July 18 2021 - NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced 105 new infections overnight bringing the states total for the current outbreak to 1242 confirmed cases since 16 June 2021, when the first case in the Bondi cluster was reported.
There are currently 76 COVID-19 cases admitted to hospital, with 18 people in intensive care, seven of whom require ventilation. There were 66,671 COVID-19 tests reported to 8pm last night, compared with the previous day’s record daily high of 81,970.NSW Health administered 16,877 COVID-19 vaccines in the 24 hours to 8pm last night, including 7,390 at the vaccination centre at Sydney Olympic Park.The total number of vaccines administered in NSW is now 3,031,331, with 1,175,756 doses administered by NSW Health to 8pm last night and 1,855,575 administered by the GP network and other providers, to 11.59pm on Friday 16 July.
July 19 2021 - Victorian Premier Dan Andrews announces the lockdown will be extended past Tuesday 20 July 2021 due to 16 new cases overnight and still major concerns over potential “super-spreading” exposure sites such as the England-Italy Euro final party at the Crafty Squire, the Carlton-Geelong game at the MCG, Wallabies-France game at AAMI Park, and six trams on routes 48, 72, 75 and 109.There are 72 active cases in total.One of those cases was isolating throughout their infectious period.15,800 primary close contacts are in quarantine.It comes on the back of a bumper testing day, with nearly 55,000 results received on Sunday.More than 250 exposure sites are connected to the current outbreak, stretching from Phillip Island to the Mallee.More than 3000 of those 15,800 are linked to MCG.Premier Daniel Andrews said the state wasn’t in a position to lift the lockdown on Tuesday, but couldn’t clarify how long it would be extended for.

July 19 2021 - NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced 98 new infections overnight with 20 being still infectious in the community whilst being infectious.
July 20 2021- South Australian Premier Steven Marshal announces that South Australia will got into a seven day Lockdown as of 6pm (20 July) due to the state recording 5 cases of the Delta Variant of COVID-19.
July 20 2021 - NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced 78 new infections overnight with 27 being infectious in the community..
July 20 2021- Victorian Premier Dan Andrews formally announces the lockdown will be extended until midnight on Tuesday 27 due to 13 new cases overnight.

July 21 2021- Victoria has recorded 22 new local COVID-19 cases as the state begins its second week of lockdown.The new infections are all linked to known outbreaks, which now stand at 107 active cases with 5 people in hospital and one in ICU.As of last night, there were three people in hospital with COVID in Victoria.There were a record 59,355 test results received yesterday, and 18,099 doses of vaccine were administered at state-run sites.There are now more than 350 venues listed as exposure sites in Victoria.Victoria will deem South Australia a red zone and  close the border as of midnight July 21.

July 21 2021 - NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announces 110 cases of Covid-19 with 43 were infectious in the community as the Delta Outbreak in New South Wales has taken a turn for the worse, as the virus spreads to the central west of the state to trigger a snap lockdown.Parts of the  NSW Central West are waking up to their first morning in lockdown after an infectious delivery driver from SYDNEY spread COVID-19 to a factory worker.More than 40,000 people in Orange, Blayney and the Cabonne Shire must follow stay-at-home orders for at least seven days.NSW has 106 people in hospital with 23 in ICU and 11 on ventilators …NSW recorded 83477 test in the previous 24 hours.

July 21 2021- South Australian premier Steve Marshal has announced  one new locally acquired case of COVID-19 as the state's snap lockdown begins.The new case is linked to The Greek restaurant on Halifax, the state's chief health officer has confirmed.It comes as people in Adelaide are heeding the call to get tested but queues at one drive-though clinic are lengthy, with some waiting nine hours to be seen.

July 22 2021 - Victorian Covid 19 testing commander Jeroen Weimar announces 26 new local cases with 2 still active in the community.43674 tests were conducted in the past 24 hours with four cases in hospital and one in ICU.

July 22 2021 - South Australian announces two new cases of the Delta Strain.12,899 tests were conducted in the past 24 hours.

July 22 2021 -Queensland announces a hard border with the entire state of NSW a from 1 am July 23..

July 22 2021 - NSW records 124 new cases of the Delta Strain from 85,185 tests in the last 24 hours with 48 people that were still infectious in the community. NSW had 118 in hospital with 28 in ICU and 14 on ventilators.NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian expects the numbers to grow higher..

July 23 2021-Victoria has recorded 14 cases of the Delta variant of COVID 19 ahead of the second consecutive weekend residents will spend in lockdown.They are all linked to known outbreaks and ten of them were isolating for their entire infectious period. This brings the total of the current outbreak to 147.43542 tests in the last 24 hours..there are currently 21,000 victorians in isolation..
"If Sydney has been declared a national emergency, then my message is very clear, on behalf of all Victorians I am saying, there is a national responsibility to put a ring of steel around Sydney just as we did last year, because that will help stop the spread of the virus across the whole nation." The Premier Dan Andrews said, Victoria could get back to helping other states if the Sydney situation were contained.

July 23 2021-NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian announced a national emergency in NSW as the state recorded 136 local covid cases in the past 24 hours with 53 still infectious while in the community..87,000 tests were conducted in the past 24 hours.Residents in the Blacktown and Cumberland LGA,s have further restrictions imposed.

July 23 2021-South Australia has recorded just one new case of coronavirus with officials "hopeful" lockdown will ease as planned.However, Premier Steven Marshall said he is apprehensive to hand over any of the state's vaccines to New South Wales where 136 new cases were recorded today."I'm not wanting to send any of our vaccination doses anywhere else, we're in the middle of a major emergency declaration and a lockdown in South Australia," Mr Marshall said.

July 23 2021 - Prime Minister Scott Morrison holds a press conference in response to the state of emergency in NSW and says the wait time between receiving Pfizer doses in NSW will increase from three weeks to six, in an attempt to deliver more first doses sooner.

July 24 2021- Victoria records 12 new cases in the previous 24 hours.All 12 cases are linked to the current outbreaks and 10 of those cases were in quarantine during their infectious period. It brings the total number of cases in Victoria in the 12 days of this outbreak to 158 and puts the state’s fifth lockdown is on track to end as planned on Tuesday.

July 24 2021- NSW Health minister Brad Hazzard  announces 163 new cases ( 1940 in total from the current outbreak) in NSW with 86 not linked to a known cluster and 45 infectious in the community.. over 93500 tests conducted in the last 24 hours.NSW Has 139 in hospital 37 in ICU ,17 on ventilators and NSW recorded one death in the last 24 hours, total of six deaths from the current outbreak.

July 24 2021 - Mass Lockdown protests were held Australia Wide and have authorities worried as they could be super spreading events..

July 25 2021 - Victorian recorded 11 new cases of Covid -19 with all cases being linked.With 32385 test being undertaken in the last 24 hours.Despite the outbreak appearing under control, authorities have raised concerns that Saturday's anti-lockdown protest in Melbourne could jeopardise the lift on restrictions.Thousands of people defied lockdown yesterday to march through the city in protest against stay-at-home rules.Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius said he was concerned the event could spread the virus and undo much of the gains that the state had made through the lockdown."It was disappointing to see so many people blatantly disregard the Chief Health Officer's directions, putting the health of Victorians at risk," Assistant Commissioner Cornelius said on Saturday."It beggars belief that the protest could – if mass spreading occurs – result in an extension of the very thing they are protesting for: an end to the current lockdown and a reopening of business, which is something we are all working so hard to achieve.”

July 25 2021-NSW recorded 141 new cases ( 2081 total for this outbreak )with 38 infectious in the community after 102,000 tests were undertakes..43 people are in ICU and 18 are on Ventilators and the state recharged two further deaths overnight ( with one female in her late 30's ).New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian has expressed her disgust with Saturday’s anti-lockdown protests in Sydney and says protestors will be met with the “full force of the law”.In a statement, she said, “I am utterly disgusted by the illegal protestors in the city today whose selfish actions have compromised the safety of all of us.”“The protestors have shown utter contempt for their fellow citizens who are currently doing it tough.“I want to thank the brave police officers who put their own safety on the line to ensure the protest action ceased.

July 26 2021 - Victoria has recorded 11 new locally acquired COVID-19 cases, all of which were quarantined throughout their infectious period.The new cases were detected from among 25,404 test results processed on Sunday. Premier Dan Andrews said masks were likely to remain in use until the "maximum number" of people were vaccinated.Victorians are eagerly awaiting an announcement on weather they will be released from the lockdown at midnight on the 27th July.

July 26 2021 - NSW ( day 31 of current lockdown )records 145 new cases with 51 still infectious while in the community Which brings the total number for this outbreak to 2226.NSW conducted over 98,000 tests in the last 24 hours.NSW had 156 people in hospital with 44 in ICU and 18 on ventilators..Crime stoppers received over 10,000 calls to police regarding the protests.

July 27 2021 -Victoria has recorded 10 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19, all of which were in quarantine throughout their infectious period.The cases were detected from 24,340 test results processed on Monday.Government authorities met this morning and Premier Daniel Andrews formally announced the restrictions will ease when the lockdown will lift at 11.59 on 27 July 2021 and ending the stay-at-home orders and allowing students to return to classrooms and dining in hospitality venues.But Premier Daniel Andrews said visits between households would remain barred for another two weeks, as authorities managed thousands of close contacts still in quarantine. Masks remain compulsory in both indoor and outdoor settings outside the home, unless an exemption applies.The restrictions apply statewide, meaning there is no longer any restriction on travel within Victoria.Public gatherings are capped at 10 people, while workers in the office is capped at 25 per cent or 10 people if the workplace is 40 or fewer people.Density limits of one person per 4 square metre apply to workplaces, community facilities, sports centres, creative studios, hospitality venues, hairdressers and beauty services. Weddings and funerals will be capped at 50 people.
These settings listed below will be in place for a period of two weeks until 11.59 on Tuesday 10th August 2021.

View the table of Restrictions PDF 

  • Victorians able to leave their homes for any reason.
  • Masks required everywhere indoors and outdoors (except private residences).
  • Schools reopen on Wednesday.
  • No visitors to the home for the next fortnight.
  • Public gatherings allowed with up to 10 people.
  • Hospitality, retail, beauty, personal care, entertainment venues and community facilities open in line with density limits.
  • Live music venues, dance classes and physical recreation facilities, including gyms, open with density requirements of 1 person per 4sq m.
  • Businesses and venues reopen with capacity and density limits of 1 person per 4sq m.
  • If you can work from home, you should work from home. Office workers able to return up to 25 per cent or up to 10 people, whichever is greater.
  • Cap of 50 attendees at funerals and weddings.

July 27 2021- NSW records 172 new cases with 60 still infectious in the community.2398 total cases for the current outbreak .NSW had 171 in hospital 46 in ICU and 19 on ventilators with 2 further deaths recorded in the 24 hours.85,000 tests were conducted in the last 24 hours.

July 27 2021 - The NSW crisis cabinet has signed off on another month of lockdown as the state records 172 new cases.Lockdown will be extended by four weeks but crisis cabinet resolved on Tuesday night not to dramatically tighten any restrictions to bring cases down.Instead, as NSW recorded 172 cases – the highest of the outbreak – the government made a plan to lift the construction ban and introduce a “singles bubble”, despite concerns about mobility from the chief health officer.
Restrictions will remain in place in Shellharbour and the Central Coast despite lobbying from local MPs for them to be freed.
The government also closely considered using rapid antigen testing on Year 12 students to get them back into the classroom and is also considering a similar rapid testing ­regime for essential workers.But four days after declaring a “national emergency” Premier ­Gladys Berejiklian stopped short of instituting any further restrictions on movement such as a curfew or stricter distance limitation.Ms Berejiklian warned on Tuesday Greater Sydney faced an “extremely difficult” few weeks, saying that easing restrictions “too early” could “waste” the pain of Sydney’s lockdown.

Construction is expected to return from July 31, but will be banned in the five hot spot LGAs of Fairfield, Canterbury-Bankstown, Liverpool, Blacktown and Cumberland.  Tradies in those LGAs will not be able to partake in construction.The singles bubble comes amid concerns for the mental health of hundreds of thousands of Sydneysiders now facing an indefinite lockdown. The proposal was pushed by Customer Services Minister Victor Dominello and supported by Health Minister Brad Hazzard and Treasurer Dominic Perrottet.

July 28 2021 - Victoria has recorded eight new local cases of coronavirus on the first day of Lockdown lifting.The cases were all linked to current outbreaks and were all in quarantine throughout their entire infectious period.As of midnight, a raft of restrictions eased across the state, with schools, gyms, and hospitality and retail outlets reopening today.Public gatherings outdoors have been capped at 10 people, while visitors to homes are not permitted under the current rules.

July 28 2021-NSW  ( Day 33 ) records 177 new cases (2575 total for current outbreak )with 46 being infectious while in the community.94,532 tests were conducted over the past 24 hours.NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced a four week extension to the current lockdown and that the List of NSW high risk LGA,s to 8 and would be expanded to include Parramatta,George’s River and Campbelltown.A singles Bubble and essential shopping 10 km rule was also out in place for the duration of the would also resume in a covid contactless manner in certain LGA,s.NSW recorded one new death in the last 24 hours with 165 in hospital , 56 in ICU.

July 29 2021 - Victoria has recorded seven locally acquired COVID-19 cases, including the drive-through testing site traffic controller whose infection was revealed by authorities yesterday.All the new cases, except for the traffic controller, were in quarantine throughout their infectious period. The cases were detected out of 42,009 test results processed on Wednesday.

July 29 2021- NSW  ( Day 34 ) records 239 new cases (2814 total for current outbreak )with 70 being infectious while in the community.111,000 tests were conducted over the past 24 hours. NSW recorded 2 new deaths in the last 24 hours with 182 in hospital , 54 in ICU, 22 on ventilators.A 5km radius for residents in 8 LGA,s and a fine increased to $500 for mask mandate breach was announced..

July 30 2021 - Victoria has recorded three new local COVID-19 cases as health authorities continue to investigate a case linked to a Moonee Valley testing site.All of the new cases have been linked to known outbreaks and were quarantining throughout their infectious period.The cases were detected from 43,542 test results processed yesterday, while 19,136 doses of vaccine were administered at state-run sites.

July 30 2021- NSW ( Day 35 ) records 170 new cases ( 2984 total for current outbreak )with 42 being infectious while in the community.95,000 tests were conducted over the past 24 hours. NSW recorded no new deaths in the last 24 hours with 187 in hospital , 58 in ICU, 24 on ventilators.

July 31 2021 - Victoria has recorded two new local COVID-19 cases, both linked to a mystery case who works as a traffic controller at a testing site in Melbourne's west.

July 31 2021 - NSW ( Day 36 ) records 210 new cases ( 3194 total for current outbreak )with 21 being infectious while in the community.105,963 tests were conducted over the past 24 hours. NSW recorded one new death in the last 24 hours ( 14th death current outbreak )with 203 in hospital , 53 in ICU, 27 on ventilators.

July 31 2021 - South-east Queensland will go into a snap three-day lockdown from 4:00pm today after six new locally acquired cases of the Delta COVID variant were reported.All are linked to a 17-year-old high school student from Brisbane's inner-west who tested positive on Thursday.The girl's two parents and two siblings have tested positive, as has a medical student who tutors the girl.A staff member from Ironside State School, which one of the siblings attends, has also tested positive.Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young said whole genome sequencing had linked the cluster stemming from the school student to two people who had returned from overseas and were in hotel quarantine.

August 01 2021 - Victoria has recorded four new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 as the state works to wrap up the tail end of its Delta outbreak. The state's health department says all of the cases have been linked to known outbreaks and all were in quarantine throughout their infectious period.The cases were detected from 25,779 test results processed on Saturday. The state is entering its fifth day out of a lockdown prompted by the rapid spread of the highly infectious coronavirus variant. Schools, hospitality and most businesses are back open, but private gatherings in homes remain banned. 

August 01 2021-NSW ( Day 37 ) records 239 new cases ( 3433 total for current outbreak ) with 61 being infectious while in the community.87,712 tests were conducted over the past 24 hours. NSW recorded no new deaths in the last 24 hours with 222 in hospital , 54 in ICU, 25 on ventilators.

August 01 2021-Queensland has recorded nine new locally acquired cases of COVID-19, all linked to known cases in the community.There are now 18 cases linked to the cluster of the highly infectious Delta variant that was first detected in a student at a Brisbane school.It comes as millions of residents remain under strict stay-at-home orders on the first day of a snap three-day lockdown across 11 local government areas in the state's south-east. Deputy Premier Steven Miles said this was the most number of new community cases Queensland has had in almost a year.

August 02 2021-Victoria has recorded two new locally acquired COVID-19 cases, both of which are linked to the current outbreak and were quarantined while infectious.The cases were detected from among 21,417 test results processed yesterday.On Sunday, Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said the state was "tracking really well" for the anticipated easing of restrictions next Wednesday.

August 02 2021-NSW ( Day 38 ) records 207 new cases (  3640 total for current outbreak )with 50 being infectious while in the community.117,009 tests were conducted over the past 24 hours. NSW recorded one new death in the last 24 hours ( 15th for the current outbreak )with 232 in hospital , 54 in ICU, 25 on ventilators.

August 02 2021-South-east Queensland’s lockdown has been extended until 4:00pm on Sunday as authorities try to contain the Delta outbreak with 13 new locally acquired cases today. The state recorded 15 new cases of COVID-19 in total, two of which were overseas acquired and detected on a bulk carrier off the Queensland coast.Ten of today's community cases are children younger than nine years of age.The community cases are linked to a growing cluster involving several Brisbane schools

August 03 2021 - Victoria has recorded four new locally acquired cases of COVID-19, as the state prepares to introduce even tougher border measures with New South Wales.The new cases were all in quarantine for their infectious period and linked to known infections, the department of health said.The local infections and one case in hotel quarantine were detected from 22,217 test results processed on Monday.There were 16,591 doses of a COVID-19 vaccine administered in state-run centres. 

August 03 2021-NSW ( Day 39 ) records 199 new cases (  3839 total for current outbreak )with 50 being infectious while in the community.104,536 tests were conducted over the past 24 hours. NSW recorded no new deaths in the last 24 hours ( 15 for the current outbreak )250 in hospital , 53 in ICU. 3.9 Million vaccines administered in NSW.

August 03 2021-Queensland records 16 new cases ( total 47 for this outbreak ).most of the new cases were infectious in the community for up to 6 days.34,000 tests were conducted over the past 24 hours. Stay at home orders for 11 LGA,S.

August 04 2021 - Victoria has recorded its first day without a new locally acquired case of COVID-19 in more than three weeks. The last time the state recorded a day without a new case was on July 11.Since then, an outbreak of the Delta strain of the virus infected more than 200 people and sent the state into a 12-day lockdown, its fifth since the pandemic began.The zero day was detected from 30,117 test results processed on Tuesday.

August 04 2021-NSW ( Day 40) records 233 new cases ( 4,072 total for current outbreak )with at least 47 being infectious while in the community.DR Kerry Chant indicated that 105,000 tests were conducted over the past 24 hours. NSW recorded two new deaths in the last 24 hours (17 for the current outbreak )286 in hospital , 30 in ICU with 23 on ventilators.

August 05 2021 -Victoria recorded six new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 yesterday, including the mystery case reported in the afternoon 4 August.The source of infection is still being investigated for three of the cases, including the school teacher reported yesterday.The other three are linked to known cases and were isolating during their infectious period.The new cases were detected from 27,279 test results processed on Wednesday.The first mystery infection was reported yesterday, just hours after the state confirmed a zero-case day on Tuesday, its first in almost a month.The woman in her 20s lives in the Hobsons Bay local government area and works as a teacher at the Al-Taqwa College in Truganina.She is believed to have been infectious in the community for three days last week. 7 in hospital , 2in ICU with 2 on ventilators.

August 05 2021-Queensland records 16 new cases (  75 total for this outbreak ).of the new cases 4 were infectious in the community. 52351 tests were conducted over the past 24 hours.

August 05 2021-NSW ( Day 41 ) records 262 new cases ( 4334 total for current outbreak )with at least 45 being infectious while in the community.DR Kerry Chant indicated that 106954 tests were conducted over the past 24 hours. NSW recorded five new deaths in the last 24 hours ( 22 for the current outbreak ) 290 in hospital , 51 in ICU.

Lockdown Six- 8pm Thursday 05 August  - ( Proposed - 11.59 pm Thursday 12 August 2021.) ENDED 21 OCTOBER 2021 (78 Days)
-(Ended for Regional 11.59 9 August 2021)
-Extended for Metro Melbourne on11 August 2021.
-Extended again for Metro Melbourne on11.59pm 16 August ( for two weeks until 11.59 PM September 2nd )
-Regional Re-entered lockdown on 21 August from 1pm until 11.59 02 September 2021??? / 
-Announced on August 29 to extend the lockdown indefinitely..
-Anounced 01 September changed Statewide restrictions to begin 02 September 2021.
( Read the PDF here )
- Ended for Regional Victoria at 11.59 9 September 2021 (Read the Table of restrictions PFD Here )
-Geelong, Surf Coast and Mitchell shire surrounds will re-enter lockdown 19 Sept 2021 ( Ended 26 Sept 11.59 )

-Ballarat in Regional Victoria re-entered lockdown on 15 September 2021- ( ended 11.59 22 Sept 2021) Read the updated table of restrictions here

View the Table of Restrictions PDF (for the initial Lockdown six )

August 05 2021- It is the sixth lockdown for Victoria since the start of the pandemic and the fourth in 2021.
The state's fifth lockdown ended just nine days ago.Victoria will enter its sixth lockdown from 8:00pm tonight in response to unexpected new mystery cases of COVID-19 in recent days.Eight new cases of COVID-19 were reported in the state today, with six of those from results received on Wednesday.The lockdown will last for seven days and there will only be five reasons for leaving home: getting groceries and supplies, exercise, care or caregiving, authorised work or education that cannot be done from home and getting vaccinated.Under the rules, shopping and exercise must be done within five kilometres of your home.Mask rules will remain unchanged, with masks mandatory in all indoor and outdoor settings except for inside your own home.Premier Daniel Andrews described the decision to lock down again as "I can't tell you how disappointed I am to have to be here doing this again," he said."But with so few in the community with one vaccination, let alone two, I have no choice but to accept advice, and we collectively have to make this important decision to keep Victorians safe."The alternative is we let this run … away from us and our hospitals will be absolutely overwhelmed [with] not hundreds of patients but thousands."Dozens of  new exposure sites have been listed over the past 24 hours, with most in Melbourne's west.Victorians have been given less than four hours notice of the lockdown, unlike previous ones that started at midnight, because a previous outbreak was linked to a dinner on lockdown-eve, Mr Andrews said.

It is the sixth lockdown for Victoria since the start of the pandemic and the fourth in 2021.The state's fifth lockdown ended just nine days ago.
The new rules that will apply in both metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria from 8pm on Thursday include only five reasons to leave home:

• Getting the food and supplies you need;

• Exercising for up to two hours;

• For care or caregiving;

• For authorised work or education — if you can’t do it from home;

Victorians also must wear face masks indoors and outdoors.

August 06 2021 -Australian Vaccine report as of 06 August 2021- 

Total doses administered - 13,030,257

Percentage of population vaccinated -20.8%

August 06 2021-Victoria has recorded six locally acquired cases of COVID-19, as the state enters the first day of a one-week lockdown.Two of the new cases were reported yesterday and are linked to the Al-Taqwa College teacher who tested positive on Wednesday.The six cases are all linked to previously reported cases but were not in quarantine during their infectious periods, health officials said.The cases were detected from among 29,631 test results processed on Thursday.

August 06 2021-Queensland records 10 new local cases (  85 total for this outbreak )of the new cases 2 were infectious in the community. 48028 tests were conducted over the past 24 hours.Queensland has declared Victoria as a COVID -19 hotspot.

August 06 2021-NSW ( Day 42 ) records 291 new cases (4625 total for current outbreak )with at least 50 being infectious while in the community.NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian indicated that 109,547 tests were conducted over the past 24 hours. NSW recorded one new death in the last 24 hours ( 22 for the current outbreak )  304 in hospital ,50 in ICU,22 on Ventilators 

August 07 2021 -Victoria has recorded 29 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19, none of which were in quarantine while infectious.The new cases, which are all linked to previous cases in the outbreak, were detected from among 43,618 test results processed on Friday.There are now four schools caught up in the state's latest Delta outbreak, after the Islamic College of Melbourne revealed an infected person attended its campus last month.7in hospital ,2in ICU,2on Ventilators

August 07 2021-Queensland has recorded 13 new community cases of COVID-19, Deputy Premier Steven Miles says.All the cases are linked to the Delta outbreak that started at Indooroopilly State High School, in Brisbane's inner west.Of the new cases, one is a close contact from a karate class, five are household contacts linked to Ironside State School, four cases are household contacts of Indooroopilly State High School, and one is a close contact of a case at Brisbane Grammar School. Deputy Premier Steven Miles said Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has had her final COVID test of hotel quarantine after returning from the Olympics."It has come back negative so she is looking forward to being released tomorrow morning," Mr Miles said. There are now 102 cases in the cluster and 144 active cases in the state.

August 07 2021-NSW ( Day 43 ) records 319 new cases ( 4944 total for current outbreak )with at least 51 being infectious while in the community.NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard  indicated that 108,449 tests were conducted over the past 24 hours. NSW recorded 5 new deaths in the last 24 hours ( 27 for the current outbreak ) 345 in hospital ,56 in ICU, 23 on Ventilators.Armidale Regional LGA to go into lockdown from 5pm tonight.

August 08 2021 -Victoria has recorded 11 new locally acquired COVID-19 cases, all of whom were in the community while infectious. All of the cases are linked to previously reported cases, the Department of Health said.The number of exposure sites in Victoria has risen to 150. The new cases were detected from 38,179 test results processed on Saturday.Victoria has 6 people in Hospital with 1 in ICU. Premier Daniel Andrews has announced Victorians aged 18 to 39 will be able to access the AstraZeneca vaccine from selected mass vaccination hubs from Monday, bolstering the existing access through GP clinics. As of Monday ( 9 August 2021) children aged 12 to 15 with medical conditions that put them at increased risk of severe COVID-19 would become eligible to get the Pfizer vaccine at state-run clinics, the government said.Australia's first drive-through vaccination hub will also open its doors on Monday at a former Bunnings Warehouse site in Melton.

August 08 2021-Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says she is very concerned about a single positive case in Cairns — a taxi driver who was infectious while in the community for 10 days as she announces 7 new local cases in Queensland. 26,282 tests were conducted over the past 24 hours.Qld lockdown will end as scheduled at 4pm today with some restrictions to remain in place.Cairns and Yarrabah will enter a 3 day lockdown from 4pm.

August 08 2021-NSW ( Day 44 ) records 262 new cases ( 5206 total for current outbreak )with at least 50 being infectious while in the community.NSW Health Officer Dr Jeremy McNulty indicated that 95,000 tests were conducted over the past 24 hours. NSW recorded 1 new death in the last 24 hours ( 28 for the current outbreak )362 in hospital , 58 in ICU, 24 on Ventilators.NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced The Penrith local government area (LGA) will be subjected to the harsher restrictions imposed on eight other LGAs from 5:00pm today with 12 suburbs causing concern.These suburbs are Caddens, Claremont Meadows, Colyton, Erskine Park, Kemps Creek, Kingswood, Mount Vernon, North St Marys, Orchard Hills, Oxley Park, St Clair, and St Mary’s.People in these suburbs must only shop for food or other essential goods within 5 kilometres of their home.They cannot travel to other areas for work unless they are an authorised worker.

August 09 2021 - Premier Daniel Andrews has announced that Regional Victorians will be released from the state's lockdown from 11:59pm, creating the divide between Greater Melbourne and the regions once again. Premier Daniel Andrews said the regions would snap back to the settings that were in place before the lockdown began last Thursday.He said the decision had been made after no cases had been detected in the regions during the first four days of lockdown."So that means the five reasons to leave home are no longer relevant, schools will be open again from tomorrow, hospitality venues will be open," he said.He said authorised workers would be able to go to work but if people could work from home they should continue to do so.
Victoria has recorded 11 new locally acquired COVID-19 cases in the previous 24 hours.All are linked to known outbreaks, but only one of those new cases was in quarantine while infectious.The cases were detected from 38,987 test results processed on Sunday.

Victorian Regions will assume the restrictions as of 11.59 August 09 2021. with no change to current greater Melbourne restrictions.
View the New table of Restrictions PDF

  • Victorians able to leave their homes for any reason.
  • Masks required everywhere indoors and outdoors (except private residences).
  • Schools reopen.
  • No visitors to the home for the next fortnight.
  • Public gatherings allowed with up to 10 people.
  • Hospitality, retail, beauty, personal care, entertainment venues and community facilities open in line with density limits.
  • Live music venues, dance classes and physical recreation facilities, including gyms, open with density requirements of 1 person per 4sq m.
  • Businesses and venues reopen with capacity and density limits of 1 person per 4sq m.
  • If you can work from home, you should work from home. Office workers able to return up to 25 per cent or up to 10 people, whichever is greater.
  • Holiday accommodation can only be booked with your household, intimate partner or single bubble person.
  • Entry to Victoria's alpine resorts require a negative Covid test and result within 72 hours prior to visiting. Children under 12 years of age not required to be tested. 
  • Cap of 50 attendees at funerals and weddings.

August 09 2021-NSW ( Day 45 ) 283 records  new cases ( 5489 total for current outbreak )with at least 64 being infectious while in the community.NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian indicated that a record 133,840 tests were conducted over the past 24 hours. NSW recorded 1 new death in the last 24 hours ( 29 for the current outbreak ) 349 in hospital , 67in ICU, 27 on Ventilators. Tamworth to enter a one week lockdown from 5pm tonight.

August 10 2021-Victoria has recorded 20 new COVID-19 cases as the state has once again become divided between regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne.Once again, those living in the regions have exited the strict lockdown as of Tuesday, but are still Under closely guarded restrictions. Of the 20 new cases, all are linked but only five were in isolation while infectious. Regional Victoria's lockdown is over but people in Melbourne are still days from finding out when theirs will end.The state's regional areas came out of lockdown at 11:59pm on Monday after no new COVID-19 cases were detected outside Melbourne, but some rules remain including a ban on home visits and compulsory mask-wearing. There were 34,892 test results processed on Monday.

August 10 2021-NSW ( Day 46 )records 356 new cases ( 5845 total for current outbreak )with at least 57 being infectious while in the community.NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian indicated that a record 95,037 tests were conducted over the past 24 hours. NSW recorded 3 new deaths in the last 24 hours ( 32 for the current outbreak ) 357 in hospital , 60 in ICU, 28 on Ventilators.

Our info sources are SKY NEWS / ABC / DHHS Victoria / NSW Health / QLD Health.

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